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AUSTRALIAN PIG HUNTING SAFARIS NORTH QUEENSLAND,BOAR,CHITAL DEER HUNTING, BARRAMUNDI FISHING Townsville.  Specialising in fatherson hunts Fully hosted economical hunting trips to the finest Pig hunting Australia in Queensland - explosive action, big boars, fantastic trophies, wildlife and breathtaking scenery within 1 - 4 hours drive from Townsville airport..

Experience living and hunting amongst picturesque mountains, rivers, bushland, huge river red gums, billabongs, marsh swamps to rocky ravines and gorges where you will have opportunites to shoot at pigs, Deer hunting Australia, dingoes , (on different properties).

We have hunting rights to properties with game animals, the expertise and equipment and will make every effort to ensure your hunting safari is a successful rewarding experience. Our clients have taken many trophy Red, Fallow and Chital deer, boars and goats.

Specialising in fatherson hunting safaris nq

Providing father and son hunting experiences, memories and bonding opportunities.

We also offer fishing estuary, rivers and creeks for baramundi ,mangrove jack,queen fish, trevally, cod, mudcrabs with fishing as an option for those who want a relaxing varied holiday instead of a full on hunting safari.

We can also provide inexperienced hunters with advice and techniques on how to find game, reading sign, understanding game behaviour, stalking, hunting with a dog, marksmanship skills, snap shooting running game, skinning and knife sharpening. Using map and compass plus GPS

I can teach you how to be a successful hunter.

Father and son hunting


Landing on Property Bush Strips


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